Friday, December 30, 2011

SCOPE Miami Art Fair 2011

After visits to fifteen of the twenty-two Art Basel Miami Beach art fairs, and the viewing of over 5000 artworks in four days, some pieces naturally rose to the top, but it took a month of distilling to identify them. The SCOPE fair had more than its share of memorable pieces, and you can see some of them here, as a preview for next year’s offerings.

The art show that established its name by curating cutting-edge contemporary art from around the world just completed its eleventh year in December of 2011. 80 international galleries presented alongside museum-quality programming, collector tours, screenings, and special events. By Introducing artists, curators, and cutting-edge galleries to new international audiences SCOPE has become the most comprehensive destination for the emerging art world. In over thirty five fairs spanning the past ten years, SCOPE has solidified its position as the premier show-case for international emerging contemporary art. With art fairs in Miami, Basel, New York, London and the Hamptons, SCOPE Art Show has garnered critical acclaim, with sales of over $100 million and attendance of over 350,000 visitors.

An outstanding work at SCOPE this year was presented by the Gagliardi Art System of Torino, Italy.  In the picture below, two seated figures are engaged in conversation. It takes a minute to realize that the realistic yet eerie facial movements and seeming-articulation are projected onto their shaped faces. Upon further inspection you realize the projection is coming from the backpacks in front of them, somehow. They speak a poetry inspired from interviews by the artists with homeless people in New York. The term ‘kinematic images’ apparently refers to the projection of video onto curved surfaces, in this case, and know that we are to see much more of cutting-edge technology-driven artworks. Large groups of fair attendees continued to be enraptured. If a museum owned this compelling and provocative piece, patrons would come from all over the world to see it. The price of $121,000.00 for this seductive artwork seems very reasonable.

House of Homeless by Swiss artists Glaser/Kunz

Before They Were Famous:
Behind the Lens of William John Kennedy

Alan Rath, sculpture at left "Neo-Watcher IV" 
 Rusty Scruby, Photographic reconstruction
both with Turner Carroll

Jonathan Stein rhinestone sculpture and detail
Gallery Biba, Palm Beach Florida
"Swimmer" by Carol Feuerman
oil and resin, represented by Gallery Biba

fine steel wire artwork by Shi Jindian
represented by White Rabbit Collection
These pieces are three dimensional in full scale.

Chris Herod, artist
This artwork was part of a curated show
by Andre Guichard of Chicago

artist Chong Gon Byun
Katrin Korfmann, photographer

Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans

SCOPE would like to welcome you to Miami in 2012. Cementing its future with an 80,000 square foot pavilion across the street from Art Miami, SCOPE Miami’s high-profile venue will be centrally located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District. Running concurrently with Art Basel Miami, SCOPE’s Midtown Miami home, just steps from The Rubell family collection, Margulies Collection at the Warehouse and Goldman Collection. The fair opens to Press and VIPs on Tuesday, December 4 with the First View benefit. Once again you will experience miles of paintings, fine line drawings, sculpture, installations and photographs. The sculpture might be cast and fabricated resin, bronze imitating cardboard, Carrera marble imitating Styrofoam, or an abundance of highly labor-intensive, expertly crafted wall pieces made with X-Acto knife paper cut-outs, knotted very fine plastic line, and hand-sewn sequins covering surfaces larger than your couch. You will no doubt see sexually explicit work, politically-inspired work and glorifications of everyday objects. It’s all at SCOPE: don’t miss next year’s fair.

For more information see
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Written by Lynn Di Nino 

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