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Art Basel Miami Beach
2016 Survey Exhibits

Art Basel in Miami Beach pursues its third year acknowledging 14 artists and their historical artworks prior to the year 2000. Curated booths by leading galleries from North and South America, Europe and Asia will provide insight into the work of Carmelo Arden Quin, Romare Bearden, Graciela Carnevale, Ibrahim El-Salahi, Margaret Kilgallen, Giorgio Morandi, Howardena Pindell, David Reed, George Rickey, Mimmo Rotella, Betye Saar, Barbara T. Smith, Kishio Suga and Jacques Villeglé.

The Survey sector feature small art historical projects, located throughout Art Basel. Usually they are adjacent to the gallery booth. In the past, these exhibits have been very educational.
They provide a great opportunity to help understand the artists vision. These may include solo presentations by an individual artist, juxtapositions and thematic exhibits from artists representing a range of cultures, generations and artistic approaches. Below are four that will be shown this year.


DC Moore Gallery will feature rare photographic works by Romare Bearden (b. 1911, d. 1988), widely recognized as one of the most innovative visual artists of the 20th century. Centered on Bearden’s ‘Projections’, a series of photostatic enlargements and collages from the 1960s, this exhibition will reflect his interest in Cubism, Dadaism, civil rights, jazz and blues performance, as well as personal memories of the rural South.

DC Moore Gallery
Romare Bearden
Evening 9:10 461 Lenox Avenue, 1964
Courtesy of the artist and the gallery


Jacques Villeglé’s (b. 1926) series ‘Painting within Non Painting’ created between the 1950s and the end of the 1970s will be on view at Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois. The works reflect Villeglé’s skepticism around ideas of authorship, traditional aesthetics and pre-determination.

Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
Jacques Villeglé
14 Juillet, December, 1960
Courtesy of the artist and the gallery


At Peter Blum Gallery, early and rarely seen paintings by David Reed (b. 1946) will be paired with a short film that the artist based on a John Wayne Technicolor VistaVision Western. While film has played a pivotal role in influencing Reed’s paintings, much of the public has not known his work as a filmmaker. The gallery’s show will coincide with the opening of a solo exhibition of David Reed’s new paintings at the Perez Art Museum in Miami.

Peter Blum Gallery
David Reed
Study 10, 1978
Courtesy of the artist and the gallery


Three monumental paintings – two of which have never been exhibited previously – by Howardena Pindell (b. 1943) at Garth Greenan Gallery will draw upon the artist’s first foray into abstraction. Layered onto unprimed canvases, these works have the appearance of vast fields from which light emanates. Organized under the unifying idea of ritual, Betye Saar’s (b. 1926) presentation at Roberts & Tilton will be centered around her seminal work ‘MTI’ (1973), a freestanding altarpiece fusing Gypsy, Indian and Voodoo cultural symbols. Visitors will be invited to participate in the piece by placing a personal offering at its base. The resulting presentation aims to renegotiate the aestheticization of ritualized action, concepts of power and display, and the relationship between installations and sculpture.

Roberts & Tilton
Betye Saar
Mti, 1973 – present
Courtesy of Roberts & Tilton

For the full list of Survey galleries for 2016 and further details on the artists featured in Survey please visit


Art Basel Miami Beach
December 1 - 4, 2016
Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach

Day Ticket $50
Permanent Ticket $105
Students and Seniors with ID, and Groups of ten or more $30
Combination Ticket for Art Basel and Design Miami $60

Public Hours
Thursday, December 1, 2016, 3pm to 8pm
Friday, December 2, 2016, Noon to 8pm
Saturday, December 3, 2016, Noon to 8pm
Sunday, December 4, 2016, Noon to 6pm


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Art Miami
2016 Preview

Art Miami, is the "can't miss" event for all serious collectors, curators, museum directors and interior designers, providing an intimate look at some of the most important work at the forefront of the international contemporary art movement. Art Miami maintains a rich history as the authentic and longest-running contemporary art fair in Miami, and continues to receive praise for the variety of unparalleled art that it offers. The stylish gallery-like decor showcases the best quality and variety in modern and contemporary art from 125 international art galleries.

Here's a small preview of what you'll discover at Art Miami.

Ruud van Empel "Analogy #1" Fine Art Photography
Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta, GA

Vernon Fisher "Starry Night" Oil and acrylic on canvas
Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Jennifer Lefort "Non-Linear Relationships" Oil and spray paint on canvas
Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami

Dennis Lee Mitchell "Untitled" Smoke on paper
Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, IL

Gilles Cenazandotti "Collage Cold" Objects Lost and Found at Sea
Contessa Gallery, Cleveland, OH

Kota Ezawa 'The Storm on the Sea of Galilee' Duratrans transparency & lightbox
Haines Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Marja Pirila, "Milavida #2" Pigment ink print
C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Alexander Calder "Black and Blue Petals, 1963" Gouache on paper
Vallarino Fine Art, New York, NY

Stanley Casselman "Frequency-A2m" Acrylic on silkscreen, canvas
Scott White Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA


Art Miami
November 29 - December 4, 2016
Midtown Miami | Wynwood
3101 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33137

$45 one day
$90 multi-day pass, $30 Seniors, $30 Students 12-18 years
A One Day Fair Pass provides admission to Art Miami and CONTEXT.
A Multi-Day Pass provides admission to Art Miami, CONTEXT & Aqua Art Miami.
VIP Preview Benefit $250

Wednesday, November 30th, 11am - 8pm
Thursday, December 1st, 11am - 8pm
Friday, December 2nd, 11am - 8pm
Saturday, December 3rd, 11am - 8pm
Sunday, December 4th, 11am - 6pm


CONTEXT, is the sister fair to Art Miami, it is committed to the development and reinforcement of emerging and mid-career artists. In the past, it was located right next to Art Miami, however this year it moved north a couple blocks.

Aqua Art Miami, is in Miami Beach and is also related to Art Miami. It attracts diverse and distinguished exhibitors with an interest in supporting young and established galleries with strong emerging and mid-career artists while retaining the fair’s signature relaxed vibe and lively energy. It has become a favorite gathering spot for collectors, curators and art-lovers to discover fresh talent and acquire new works while exchanging cultural ideas and forming meaningful connections.


Dan Fear for is an online art resource for art collectors and all art enthusiasts. The site features gallery guides for the major U.S. art cities and every state. You'll also find guides for Art Museums and Non-Profit art organizations, art appraisers, auction houses and other art services, plus artist listings, and much more. It's a very useful resource for business travelers and art tourists.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Satellite Art Show - Miami Beach
2016 Second Edition Preview

I consider Satellite’s Art Show to be an intriguing addition to Miami’s Art Fair. Last year they exploded onto the scene with their recognition as an alternative Art Fair. This year, at the Parisian Hotel in Miami Beach, Satellite, offers a variety of art, music, performance, installation, new media and tech.

All performances mentioned in this blog are implemented during normal fair hours. Here is the link for general information on tickets and hours.

You will not want to miss the introduction to Satellite’s Performance Art / Installation. In the U.S. there has been widespread debate over our prevalent cultural and political situation. For those of us who would like an expression to our present state devote yourself to the hotel’s front parking lot for Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw’s site-specific installation and performance piece, F+++ IT, for which the artist duo, in “an homage to the most mundane yet extraordinary ritual of pouring milk into a cereal bowl,” will be performing in a 3,000-gallon fountain of perpetually pouring “milk.” Reacting to the cultural gluttony found within and beyond Art Basel Miami Beach, and to the current political state of the nation at large, the fountain is both despondent and triumphant—a statement of cyclical cynicism and forced acceptance in the form of a ridiculous and absurd gesture.

After entering the hotel take care of yourself and your sensory overload with an arts-focused therapeutic holistic cleaning at the Soothing Center. The Soothing Center is also an "intra-lational" art exhibition that brings together makers and practitioners from New York and Los Angeles to exhibit a special brand of psychoactive art that actively affects the viewer through chemistry, participation, and biohacking by utilizing wearable architecture, video meditations, herbalism, and poetic gestures. The body can recalibrate through poetic gestures, biohacking, and non-traditional mediations. Exercises will include visitors therapeutically ridding themselves of the surplus of assorted fair pamphlets they’ve been half-heartedly carrying around.

If you are too relaxed after visiting the Soothing Center, acquire a drink at Digital Virtual Reality Lounge, located inside the fair lobby’s bar area, and drift off into one of four immersive digital landscapes by acclaimed digital artists Alfredo Salazar Caro, Miyö Van Stenis, Brenna Murphy, Theo Trian, and Rosa Menkman.

Satellite continues to fascinate the visitor as you proceed between exhibitions which have been repurposed into a unique and otherworldly pathway, making visitors’ transitions between floors an exciting and exploratory process.

One such exhibit you will be presented with is, Les Provocateurs, an “afro-futuristic erotica DIY queer cabaret” from New Orleans by Juilliard-trained ballet dancer, Diem Massad Al-Jouni, known also by her performance identity Dangerous Rose.

Another exhibit, FAMOUSONMARS Custom Tattoo Parlor, will be one-part art installation, one-part pop-up shop where everything is for sale and most objects are meant to be worn. Produced in collaboration with Witchoria, the presentation will feature mounted artwork; wearable art objects; and live tattooing with a strong focus on feminism, intersectionality, and social codification.

To conclude a day of extraordinary pleasures, The Pérez Art Museum Miami Contemporaries Penthouse, will offer robust arts programming during standard fair hours as well as after-hours (9 p.m. until late). A musical curation for which NYC outsider music venue Trans-Pecos has been tapped to create a pan-stylistic survey of current musical practice in America. Linking up with record label Loma Vista (Iggy Pop, Marilyn Manson), visitors should expect performances from local rapper Denzel Curry’s ULT crew; NYC punk phenomena Show Me the Body and Sick Feeling; Baltimore-based queen rapper Abdu Ali; and more.

I have faith that Satellite Art Show will transcend, invoke, and inspire the visitor.


December 1 - 4, 2016
The Parisian Hotel
1510 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

General Admission $10
Tickets Available Online

Thursday, December 1st, 3pm - 10pm
Friday, December 2nd, Noon - 10pm
Saturday, December 3rd, Noon - 10pm
Sunday, December 4th, Noon - 6pm


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Design Miami 2016

Design Miami/ is just about here. This major design art fair is open for viewing November 30 to December 4, 2016. The invitation only preview day is November 29th. Design Miami/ is located adjacent to the Miami Beach Convention Center, a short walk from Art Basel in Miami Beach at Meridian Avenue & 19th Street.

It is the global forum for design and it brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. Design Miami/ has become the premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible design. At this art fair you will see museum-quality exhibitions of twentieth and twenty-first century furniture, lighting and objets d’art.

During Miami Art Week, every year, there is a competition between design firms to be honored with The Panerai Design Miami/ Visionary Award, and showcase their design in the entrance plaza of Design Miami.

This year, SHoP Architects, has been recognized for their signature employment of next-generation fabrication and delivery techniques, acute attention to detail and imaginative programmatic concepts. They have developed a bold portfolio of projects that combine evocative architecture, philanthropic initiatives, sustainable development and innovative practices and entrepreneurship.

SHoP’s work will be celebrated with an original design by the firm. The project, titled Flotsam & Jetsam, was collaborated with multiple partners; in order, to realize its forward-thinking use of 3D printing and complex structural engineering, including Branch Technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dassault Systèmes, and Thornton Tomasetti.

Once the fair is over, Flotsam & Jetsam will be reinstalled in the Miami Design District’s iconic Jungle Plaza to house an outdoor cultural event space for long-term public enjoyment. The 2016 Panerai Design Miami/ Visionary Award honors the groundbreaking work of SHoP, and the unique commission for Design Miami/ will illustrate SHoP’s commitment to improving the quality of public life with design and architecture.


Design Miami/
November 30 - December 4, 2016
Miami Beach Convention Center Parking Lot
Meridian Avenue and 19th Street, Miami Beach, FL

General Admission: Online $25, Onsite $30
Students and Seniors (with ID): Online $20, Onsite $25
Tickets are valid for one day only
Combination Ticket for Design Miami/ and Art Basel - Online $60, Onsite $65
Tickets Available Online

Wednesday, November 30, Noon - 8pm
Thursday, December 1st, 10am - 8pm
Friday, December 2nd, 11am - 8pm
Saturday, December 3rd, Noon - 8pm
Sunday, December 4th, Noon - 6pm


Lindsay Brady for is an online art resource for art collectors and all art enthusiasts. The site features gallery guides for the major U.S. art cities and every state. You'll also find guides for Art Museums and Non-Profit art organizations, art appraisers, auction houses and other art services, plus artist listings, and much more. It's a very useful resource for business travelers and art tourists.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Art Basel Miami Beach
Conversations and Salon 2016

Just released Art Basel Miami Beach - Conversations and Salon program for 2016.

Art Basel’s Conversations and Salon series will bring together celebrated artists, galleries, art historians, writers, curators, museum directors and collectors from across the globe, including Alexandre Arrechea, Wafaa Bilal, Francesco Clemente, Mark Dion, Lady Bunny, Julio Le Parc, Glenn Ligon, Tony Matelli, Jill Magid, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Damián Ortega, Bernardo Ortiz, Molly Palmer, Howardena Pindell, HE Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi, Howard Rachofsky and Sun Xun among others.

For those of you that have never attended one of these, educational talks, lasting about an hour. You'll find them in a dedicated section of Art Basel Miami Beach. In the past I've attended several and found them to be relaxing, educational and enjoyable. For the full press release including the detailed Conversations and Salon program, here's the link.

Conversations is held daily from Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 4 in the auditorium in Hall C. Panel discussions take place between 10am and 11am, followed by a 30minute Q&A session. It is open to the public and free of charge.

Salon is held daily from Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 4 in the auditorium in Hall C, access with Art Basel VIP card or show ticket. For full schedule with time here's the link.

High-quality videos of all Salon talks will be available shortly after the show at

Art Basel Conversations | Daily 10am - 11:30am
Art Salon | Daily 1pm - 6:30pm


Art Basel Miami Beach December 1 - 4, 2016
Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach

$50 (One Day), $105 (Permanent Pass)
$30 Students and Seniors with ID, and Groups of ten or more
$60 Combination Ticket for Art Basel and Design Miami

Thursday, December 1st, 3pm - 8pm
Friday, December 2nd, Noon - 8pm
Saturday, December 3rd, Noon - 8pm
Sunday, December 4th, Noon - 6pm


For information on all of the Miami and Miami Beach Art Fairs

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Women of Abstract Expressionism

The groundbreaking exhibition Women of Abstract Expressionism celebrates the often unknown female artists of this mid-twentieth-century art movement. More than 50 major paintings are on view by artists working on the East and West Coasts during the 1940s and '50s: Mary Abbott, Jay DeFeo, Perle Fine, Helen Frankenthaler, Sonia Gechtoff, Judith Godwin, Grace Hartigan, Elaine de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Deborah Remington, and Ethel Schwabacher. This is the first presentation of works by these artists together at one time.

Elaine de Kooning, Bullfight, 1959. Oil on canvas; 77-5/8 x 131-1/4 x 1-1/8 in. Denver Art Museum: Vance H. Kirkland Acquisition Fund. © Elaine de Kooning Trust

Women of Abstract Expressionism focuses on the expressive freedom of direct gesture and process at the core of abstract expressionism, while revealing inward reverie and painterly expression in these works by individuals responding to particular places, memories, and life experiences.

Mary Abbott, All Green, about 1954. Oil paint on linen, 49 x 45 1/8 in. Gift of Janis and Tom McCormick, 2013.250. © Mary Abbott

An original video is on view in the exhibition, and includes accounts about exciting moments in these artists' lives, as well as issues affecting women during this time period. An educational lounge offers a space for visitors to explore the climate of the 1950s through images, ephemera, and music (with a playlist available on Spotify), a glimpse into other aspects of the artists' lives, and a chance to reflect upon and share personal experiences.

The exhibition is organized by the Denver Art Museum and curated by Gwen Chanzit, the museum's curator of modern art. After the DAM, the exhibition will travel to the Mint Museum, Charlotte, October 22, 2016–January 22, 2017 and thePalm Springs Art Museum February 18–May 29, 2017. So come and check it out!

 An Illustrated Catalog is available on Amazon
Here's the Catalog you can purchase via Amazon!


We at have two pieces for sale by Kathleen Gemberling Adkison. She was born on July 5, 1917 in Beatrice, Nebraska, to her parents, Rupert Parks and Henrietta Williamson. She attended Hawthorn High School in Kearney, Nebraska for three years, and graduated from Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington. She studied art and painting under Leon Derbyshire at Cornish Institute between 1938 and 1942. she was the last surviving artist trained under Mark Tobey (Jackson Pollock's inspiration), she was an abstract painter who was considered one of the Northwest's premier female artists. Her work has been shown in museums as early as 1960 when the Frye Art Museum staged a solo show of her work. She also had a show at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, formerly the Cheney Cowles Memorial Museum, in Spokane, Washington, from December 13, 1973 to January 13, 1974.

Original oil painting on canvas, by Kathleen Gemberling Adkison, 
titled "Ferrous Luminate". Numbered 8414 (60" x 55").

Original oil painting on canvas, by Kathleen Gemberling Adkison,

 titled "Skagit Face". Numbered 8031.
---------------------------------------------------------------------Frederick Holmes and Company

XXX: THREE WOMEN IN ABSTRACT is another exhibition in Seattle featuring artists, Jane Burton of San Francisco; Heloisa Pomfret of Sao Paulo, Brazil and Detroit; and Elise Wagner of Portland, OR. Each working within their highly trained and distinctive styles, contribute a narrative that explores the evolution of contemporary abstract painting.

Burton, who studied under Wayne Thiebaud at UC Davis, works in a gestural but highly disciplined style, layering color and finishes, inspired by both urban and natural environments. While her career has been predominantly in sculpture, she’s returned to her original chosen material in the last year and is intent on pushing the boundaries of the medium and through constant experimentation, herself as the artist.

Jane Burton, available at 

Pomfret, exhibited internationally in Europe, No. America, and So. America, explores the inner human consciousness through work on canvas and paper, comprised of vaguely biomorphic or organic objects and multiple layers of color that are then meticulously scratched, revealing hidden layers and evoking a compelling, enigmatic, psychological connection with the viewer.

Heloisa Pomfret, available at 

Wagner, a recent recipient of the internationally coveted Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and a nationally renowned painter in encaustic, draws inspiration from her deep interest in Science. These paintings, drawn from a “rational discipline” yet expressed in the “irrational discipline” of abstract, are inspired by Meteorology, Cosmology, Astro Physics, Particle Physics, Cartography, Stellar Cartography, and all points in between.

XXX: THREE WOMEN IN ABSTRACT Opens August 1, 2016 (First Thursday Art Walk) With Artist Reception 6:00-8:30.


If you are interested in purchasing artwork by Kathleen Gemberling Adkison contact us at: is an online art resource for collectors and other art enthusiasts. Visit our website and explore around. We feature more than 15,000 art links including online gallery guides for the major US art cities and every state, articles, art fair information and much more.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Seattle Art Fair 2016

The 2016 Seattle Art Fair was a very classy art fair to attend. Located in the CenturyLink Field Event Center this second edition of the Seattle Art Fair closed on Sunday, August 7, with amazing results reported by collectors, gallerists, artists, partners, and guests. By the end of the event some 18,000 visitors attended this year's fair to experience excellent exhibitions by extinguished local, national, and international galleries. 

The fair kicked off with the Beneficiary Preview on August 4, raising over $100,000 for the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), followed by the official Opening Night Preview. Notable guests included Rich and Sarah Barton, Cliff Burrows, Dale Chihuly, Adrian Hanauer, Marieluise Hessel, Christina Lockwood, David Morehouse, Jessica Morgan, Takashi Murakami, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Ginny Ruffner, Matthew Thompson, and many others.

One of the many halls
Photography by Valerie Gryfakis

Art Work by Kehinde Wiley
Roberts and Tilton - Culver City, California
Photography by Valerie Gryfakis

Participating exhibitors made important sales to top collectors with highlights including Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art's sale of work by Kymia Nawabi, Adams and Ollman's placement of work on paper by Ellen Lesperance, and Allan Stone Projects' sales of works by Alfred Leslie, Wayne Nowack, and Wayne Thiebaud. Petzel Gallery sold work on paper by Hiroki Tsukuda and David Zwirner sold work by Fred Sandback, multiple works by R. Crumb, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Al Taylor, as well as a Yayoi Kusama painting that was made by the artist specifically for the fair which sold to a local collector. Paul Kasmin Gallery sold photographs by Robert Polidori, and Pace sold work by teamLab - the artist collective who also presented an interactive installation as part of the Seattle Art Fair’s Projects. Forum Gallery sold painting by Alan Magee, Greg Kucera Gallery sold sculpture by Deborah Butterfield and work by Marie Watt among over a dozen more. Tokyo's Koki Arts placed work by Ryoichi Nakamura, Marlborough Gallery sold work by Dale Chihuly from the gallery's dramatic solo presentation, and Michael Rosenfeld Gallery sold works by a wide range of artists including Claire Falkenstein and Alma Thomas. PDX CONTEMPORARY ART sold work by Adam Sorenson, Jeffry Mitchell furniture and ceramics, and other works by Justin L’Amie, D.E. May, Kristen Miller, Jenene Nagy, and Joe Rudko. Peter Mendenhall Gallery sold work by Daniel Douke, and David Benrimon Fine Art sold work by Ai Weiwei and Andy Warhol.

For more information about the Seattle Art Fair checkout their website.


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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Seattle Art Fair August 4 - 7, 2016

Opening today in Seattle the 2nd Annual Seattle Art Fair. The fair will kick off with the Beneficiary Preview, proceeds benefitting the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), on Thursday, August 4 at 5:30pm, followed by the official Opening Night Preview starting at 8:30pm. The fair continues August 5-7, with a diverse schedule of projects, talks and events happening both on and off site.

Projects The Seattle Art Fair Projects will debut a new series of special activities, performances, and installations to engage the fair’s public spaces, organized by Artistic Director Laura Fried. Spanning sculpture, performance, and installation, the Projects will take place both at the fair and in adjacent neighborhoods, reaching a wide and diverse audience, and spotlighting Seattle's position as a vital cultural capital.

On-site at the fair: An ambitious lineup of solo projects by an intergenerational group of emerging and established artists will be on view at the CenturyLink Field Event Center during fair hours. Timothy “Speed” Levitch will lead uncanny fair tours conceived by Glenn Kaino, while Dawn Kasper will present a sculptural performance environment and improvised sound composition, including motionactivated motors attached directly to a field of cymbals on their stands. The exhibition platform Public Fiction will trace the roots of artists who used new technologies—like early video art and public access television—at their inception. The Projects will also spotlight large-scale sculpture by artists who examine the relationship between materiality, craft, and technology—such as Roxy Paine’s ominous diorama of a CIA observation room and Adam McEwen’s full-scale sculptures of supercomputers made of graphite—and will explore the simple but powerful way a line can take shape in space, from Claire Falkenstein’s nested orbs to Kishio Suga’s singular, large-scale sculpture. Projects include:

• Adam McEwen, Blue Gene 1 and Blue Gene 2, 2016

• Brenna Murphy, SequenceSource_Array, 2016

• Claire Falkenstein, Never a Full Circle: Selection of Works

• Dawn Kasper, Star Formation, 2016

• Glenn Kaino, Aspiration, 2016; Twice daily tours August 5-7, 2016 during fair hours

• Selection of new works by Jeffry Mitchell

• Kishio Suga, Correspondence, 2006

• Public Fiction, A Witness and a Weapon: Middle grays, Color Bars and the comma in between* In two venues: The Seattle Art Fair and the Henry Art Gallery

• Roxy Paine, Experiment, 2015

• teamLab, Sketch Aquarium; As part of its youth program, the fair presents a kid-friendly space in collaboration with the collective teamLab

For more information vist the Seattle Art Fair website.

------------------------------------ is an online art resource for collectors and other art enthusiasts. Visit our website and explore around. We feature more than 15,000 art links including online gallery guides for the major US art cities and every state, articles, art fair information and much more.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Art Basel 2016

The 47th edition of Art Basel in Basel closed on Sunday, June 19, 2016 amid reports of significant sales across all levels of the market, including many major sales by galleries exhibiting within the Unlimited sector. Attendance from international collectors and institutions was once again very strong, with new collectors from countries across Africa and the former Soviet Union, as well as Iran, Lebanon, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Thailand, coming to the fair for the first time. In a more volatile market and political environment, this edition proved that there continues to be a strong demand for high-quality works when premier international galleries and leading collectors from across the world come together. This year’s edition received widespread praise for its strong booth presentations and for the powerful artistic positions, many poignantly responding to the current socio-political situation within Europe and further afield.

Art Basel 2016 attracted an attendance of 95,000 across the six show days. Demonstrating its position as the central meeting point for the international artworld, artists in attendance at this year’s Art Basel show included: Davide Balula, Hans Op de Beeck, AA Bronson, Tracey Emin, Zhang Enli, Zeng Fanzhi, Cao Fei, Alfredo Jaar, Christian Jankowski, Alison Knowles, Joseph Kosuth, Jannis Kounellis, Michael Landy, Jonathan Monk, Oscar Murillo, Pope.L, Robin Rhode, James Turrell, Haegue Yang, Ding Yi and Samson Young.

Leading private collectors from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa attended this year, as well as representatives from over 300 distinguished museums and institutions.

Galleries: This year the Galleries sector was particularly strong, with 220 of the world’s leading established galleries presenting the highest quality of painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, photography, video and editioned works. Six galleries exhibited in the sector for the first time having previously shown in Statements or Feature: Applicat-Prazan (Paris), Borzo (Amsterdam), Karma International (Zurich, Beverly Hills), Jack Shainman Gallery (New York, Kinderhook), Stevenson (Cape Town, Johannesburg) and Barbara Wien (Berlin). Pace/MacGill Gallery (New York) exhibited for the first time at the Basel fair. Highlights included: Metro Pictures’ (New York) pairing of Cindy Sherman and Camille Henrot; a solo presentation of Pia Camil by OMR (Mexico City); a pairing of Kansuke Yamamoto and Hanako Murakami at Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo, Paris, New York); Robin Rhode’s one day in-situ memorial wall drawing honoring the 40th anniversary of the Soweto uprising in South Africa, on display at Stevenson (Cape Town, Johannesburg); a comprehensive study of the origins of expressionism at Galerie St. Etienne (New York); Salvatore Scarpitta’s solo presentation by Tornabuoni (Paris, Florence, Milan Forte dei Marmi, Crans-Montana, London); and an elegantly curated stand featuring a large-scale Wolfgang Tillmans work by Maureen Paley (London).  
Statements:  The solo presentations in Statements offered visitors and collectors the opportunity to discover quality work by emerging artists, brought to Art Basel by 18 of the most exciting young international galleries – seven of whom were exhibiting at the fair for their first time. The sector included work by artists from Algeria, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Peru, Poland, the United States and Venezuela. Highlights included: Sol Calero at Laura Bartlett Gallery (London); Lionel Maunz at Bureau (New York); Helen Johnson at Mary Mary (Glasgow); Jasper Spicero at Johan Berggren Gallery (Malmö); Ajay Kurian at 47 Canal (New York); Timur Si-Qin at Société (Berlin); Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme at Carroll / Fletcher (London); Ketuta AlexiMeskhishvili at Micky Schubert (Berlin); and a presentation of work by Massinissa Selmani at Selma Feriani Gallery (Sidi Bou Said).  

Design Miami Basel Design Miami Basel, the global forum for collectible design, once again took place in Hall 1 South on the Messeplatz. The 11th edition presented more than 40 galleries exhibiting historic and contemporary design alongside a program of commissions, talks and satellite shows. For more details, please visit

Much more also occurred in Basel and was related to Art Basel.
For a full post press release, please
click here

Look at their website for additional information including the upcoming Art Basel Miami Beach, which takes place the first week of December 2016.

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