Friday, November 29, 2013

Art Basel Miami Beach
James Edward Deeds, Jr. Kabinett Exhibit

For the 2013 Art Kabinett program, Hirschl & Adler Modern will present a highly focused installation of drawings by newly-discovered Outsider artist James Edward Deeds, Jr. (1908-1987), a near life-long ward of the state of Missouri and colorful mental patient at Nevada, Missouri’s State Hospital, No. 3.

Deeds was committed in 1936 to the state hospital, diagnosed with dementia praecox and schizophrenia. His intricate drawings, measuring approximately 9 x 8 inches, were executed in graphite and crayon on the official ledger paper of the institution that housed him for nearly four decades. The artist sewed them into a crudely bound album and clutched it as a kind of talisman as he endured worsening living conditions, extensive shock therapy and drug regimens. By 1966 the artist transferred the album to his family who inadvertently parted with it. In 1970 it was found in a street side junk heap by a fourteen year-old boy who would safeguard it for next 36 years.

Today Edward Deeds’ 140 double-sided drawings represent the most recent entry to the Outsider art canon. They debuted at the 2011 Outsider art fair in New York and received their first formal exhibition at Hirschl & Adler in January 2013. Sixty works then traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland where they were exhibited at the Collection de l’Art Brut in spring of 2013. A selection will also travel to Paris this fall for a show at Galerie Christian Berst.

James Edward Deeds Jr. (1908-1987)
"MR. WAGONER"/ Blue Jay [161/162], about 1936-1966
Graphite & crayon, double-sided ledger paper, approx. 9 x 8in.


James Edward Deeds Jr. (1908-1987)
"GOING TO PIKES. PEAK"/ Circus Procession [243/244], about 1936-1966
Graphite & crayon, double-sided ledger paper, approx. 9 x 8in.


James Edward Deeds Jr. (1908-1987)
"COW.BOY"/ Landscape with Trees and Figures [233/234], about 1936 -1966
Graphite & crayon, double-sided ledger paper, approx. 9 x 8in.


James Edward Deeds Jr. (1908-1987)
“ANNEY. [125]” (one side of two-sided drawing),
about 1936-66
Graphite & crayon, ledger paper, approx. 9 x 8in.

For further information contact Hisrshl & Adler Modern:
Hirschl & Adler Modern
The Crown Building
730 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019
Kabinett: Participants are chosen from the Galleries sector to present curated exhibitions in a separately delineated space within their booths. The curatorial concepts for Kabinett are diverse, including thematic group exhibitions, art-historical showcases, and solo shows. Other Kabinett exhibits that we recommend are: Man Ray at Francis M. Naumann Fine Art; Sean Scully at Galerie Lelong; Sam Francis at Van Doren Waxter; Chuck Close at Two Palms; and Jose de Rivera at Valerie Carberry Gallery.

Art Basel Miami Beach
December 5 - 8, 2013
Miami Beach Convention Center

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