Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aqua 11 at the Aqua Hotel
Strong West Coast Showing

Based out of Seattle, this fair has a distinctly west coast character set off by the indoor/outdoor atmosphere of the Aqua Hotel. Without a doubt, the best hotel art fair in Miami Beach. The fair organizers continue to seek out vibrant and noteworthy programs in their region as well as the greater USA and abroad, with a particular interest in supporting young dealers and galleries with strong emerging and early mid-career artists. Here's a brief view of some of what was displayed.

Opening night at Aqua 11

Artwork by Jason Bryant
at Porter Contemporary, New York, NY

Soil Gallery, Seattle, WA

Fouladi Projects, San Francisco, CA

Mark Wolfe Contemporary, San Francisco, CA

Eileen Braziel & New Mexico Arts, Santa Fe, NM

Greg Haberny artist (pictured) he did the artwork and installation
hosted by Lyons Wier Gallery, New York, NY

Book arts
at Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

Artwork by Nancy Mintz (left), Amy Kaufman (right)
at Traywick Contemporary, Berkeley, CA

Artwork by Eric Wert
at William Baczek Fine Arts, Northampton, MA

Prole Drift, Seattle, WA

Other noteworthy artworks included: drawings by Travis Collinson at Eli Ridgway Gallery in San Francisco; Jennie C. Jones at Lawrimore Project in Seattle; Misako Inaoko's Chess Set at Galleri Urbane Marfa + Dallas, Dallas, TX; Ellen Ziegler and Nicholas Nyland at Soil Gallery, Seattle, WA and Robert Moya at Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, AZ.

To see more about what was displayed at Aqua 11, visit their website and look under the Exhibitors tab. Jaq Chartier and Dirk Park did a terrific job organizing this art fair. It's one that should always be visited while in town for Art Basel Miami Beach and the other art fairs.

Aqua 11 - website
Online Gallery Guides and Art Collecting Resources

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