Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Art of Everyday Joe
New book about Art Collecting

Art Is For The Everyday Joe
New Book Takes Fear Factor Out of Contemporary Art

AUTHORHOUSE – Many people are so intimidated by art that they won’t even walk into an art museum or gallery. However,
art is for everyday people, not just wealthy or highly-cultured collectors. Michael K. Corbin proves it with his brand new, color-illustrated book, The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector’s Journal (published by AuthorHouse).

“So many people don’t realize that artists today actually want people to see and buy their work,” says Corbin. “There’s no need for people to be afraid of art. I want to bridge the gap between struggling artists and people who erroneously believe that you have to be a snob to become an art collector.”

Picking up where his first book, Art in King Size Beds: A Collector’s Journal, leaves off, Corbin takes readers on yet another thrilling ride through the world of contemporary art, sharing his experiences as an avid art collector.

“I’m an Everyday Joe and I wrote this book for the Everyday Joe. Art enriches the lives of everyone regardless of their station in life.”

With his engaging and witty style, Corbin guides readers through the rewards of art collecting and introduces them to emerging artists from all over the world.

He proves that people can afford to collect art on even modest incomes. “Yet ultimately,” says Corbin, “The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector’s Journal shows readers the role that art plays in their everyday lives and they may not even realize it.”

Corbin gives readers a delightfully fresh, warm and down-to-earth look at life, art, the art world, artists, collecting, people and issues of the day. It’s a storybook complete with large, full-color photographs of works from his own collection. It’s also a true memoir of the dazzling power of art and the role that it plays in society. The Art of Everyday Joe: A Collector’s Journal is another fun trip that begins at the intersection of art and life.

Michael K. Corbin is an author, full-time broadcast journalist, yoga enthusiast and runner. He’s a New York City native who now lives in Indianapolis and travels far and wide for art’s sake.
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