Monday, December 31, 2007

Michael Corbin - Art Ideas for the New Year

It's time to reflect on the past twelve months and make resolutions for the New Year. 2007, was a good year for the artworld, and 2008, will hopefully be just as strong.

Art collector and author, Michael Corbin has some good ideas on how to make the New Year better for those involved in art. Here're a few of his ideas on how to best enter the New Year, they came from an article that he wrote for

1. Art gallery operators: Please smile occasionally and TRY to be welcoming to visitors. This may actually help you sell art on that VERY day. Of course, many galleries are warm and inviting, but many are not.

2. Artists: Please stop slamming art fairs. We know that they present all sorts of hazards and issues, but they ARE indeed legitimate venues for LIVING art. Ultimately, let's be glad that they exist. If they vanish, that would NOT be a good thing. I don't know. I guess I've stayed too long at the fair.

3. Art museums: PLEASE get your cities to create more highway markers/signs that direct visitors straight to your location. It's so easy for people to get lost in an unfamiliar city. Don't GIVE visitors reasons to go to the movies instead.

4. Art collectors: Let's do MORE to promote the work of emerging artists. We should actually create more art collectors. Yes, in a way this is a dumb move because we're creating our own competition, but emerging art is a VAST ocean that will never run dry. Artists are born every day. It's the most exciting sector of the art market.

You'll find six other good ideas for the artworld in Michael's article "The New Art Year" by Michael Corbin at I enjoyed it and it's worth reading.

Best Wishes for the New Year!

Dan Fear

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Art Basel Miami Beach - Blogs and Videos

Here's a few blog articles and videos about Art Basel Miami Beach and the satellite fairs, which occurred December 4th - 9th, 2007. If you missed this important art event, you will see what you missed. If you were there, you'll still enjoy the coverage. Some of the links lead you numerous stories and videos.

Miami Herald newspaper coverage, numerous articles.

Artinfo articles about Art Basel Miami Beach.

New York magazine articles about Art Basel.

Vernissage TV, very good video coverage of events in Miami during art week.

Plum TV, video of Craig Robins talking about his collection.

Other Plum TV coverage of Art Basel Miami Beach.

Videos Blogging, with coverage of Scope performance (boxing), also Atlanta galleries showing at various miami art fairs. This is series of a silly road trip videos about going to Miami.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2007: The Real Story by Michael Corbin.

Robert Fallon and Libby Rosof's Blog.

NW Galleries in Miami by Regina Hackett.

Suite101 blog article.

Nice Preview article explaining what will be going on.

Another good preview article from the provides some historical perspective on the Miami art scene.

Iggy Pop performance at Art Basel Miami.

Ramdom pictures of various art fairs from Miami Art Exchange: in association with exhibitors is posting images of artworks displayed at Art Basel Miami Beach. blog postings about Art Basel Miami.

Art and Art Fair Blog by

The links are not in any particular order, enjoy. Also, if you know of other good articles or blogs about the Miami art fairs, please let me know via email at

Happy New Year!
Dan Fear

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Edge Zones Art Fair - 2007

Edge Zones Art Fair, Miami, Florida, December 5th - 9th, 2007. Located in the Wynwood Art District. This was an artist fair, where the displays were organized and paid for by working artists. When returning in 2008, this will be one of the first art fairs on my must visit list, however they will most likely be in a new location.

Miguel Guzman, the artwork on the left was my favorite in all of Miami. If you're a gallery and looking for good artists you should get to know Miguel and his work.

Ruben Ubiera.

Ruben Ubiera

Luise Johnson

Artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena
Galeria Saro Leon, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

Dreaming Miami
Curated by Charo Oquet, Maricel Ruiz, Michael Chomick, Victor Payares, Michael Burman, Igor Montoya-Laske, Michelle Swayne

One Day It Will All Make Sense. Curators: Nicolas Stipcianos/Andrew Woon.

Artists: Nicolas Stipcianos, photography, video, installation
Anderw Woon,photography, video, installation
Rafael Abreu Canedo,photography, video, installation
Joseph Tamargo,photography
David Tamargo,photography,performance
Seth Hoercher,photography, video, installation

One Day It Will All Make Sense
Curators: Nicolas Stipcianos/Andrew Woon

Esteban Blanco

Esteban Blanco

Jesus Rojas

Jesus Rojas

Susan Zukowsky

Charo Oquet

Charo Oquet

Looking at video by unknown artist

Louis Foy

Modalidades para un arte politico desde Puerto Rico. Methods for political art from Puerto Rico.

Artists included:
Osvaldo Budet,
Marielis Castro,
Vanessa Hernández Gracia,
Karlo A. Ibarra,
Javier Maldonado,
Jacob Charles Marchosky,
Gabriel Meléndez,
Rafael J. Miranda,
Josué Pellot,
Puntos Suspensivos,
Natalia Martinez,
Melissa Sarthou
Filipo Tirado.

Mel and Dorothy Tanner

Juan Hidalgo
Galeria Saro Leon – Canary Islands, Spain

La Fabrik - San Salvador - El Salvador.

Mayra Barraza – Painting, Installation
Amber Rose – Installation
Francisco Zayas - Painting
Alexia Miranda – Video, Performance, Installation
Baltasar Portillo – Metal rod Sculptures
Luis Lazo - Painting

La Fabrik - San Salvador - El Salvador.

Mayra Barraza – Painting, Installation
Amber Rose – Installation
Francisco Zayas - Painting
Alexia Miranda – Video, Performance, Installation
Baltasar Portillo – Metal rod Sculptures
Luis Lazo - Painting

Edge Zones
2214 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 303 8852

For further information please visit their website:
Edge Zone Art Fair

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Red Dot Miami Beach - 2007

Red Dot Miami Beach, December 6th - 9th, 2007. This was one of the hotel fairs located in the South Seas Hotel in Miami Beach. Below are some of the rooms turned into gallery space. At times it was so busy that it was not possible to take installation photos.

Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York, NY

Unidentified gallery at Red Dot Miami Beach

Sam Lee Gallery at Red Dot Miami Beach

Unidentified gallery at Red Dot Miami Beach

Melanee Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL

Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Littlejohn Contemporary, New York, NY

Gallery Bienvenu, New Orleans, LA

Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, New York, NY

Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY

Hackett-Freedman Gallery, San Franciso, CA

Butters Gallery, Portland, OR


Unidentified gallery at Red Dot Miami Beach

Panamerican Artprojects, Dallas, TX

Aftermodern, San Franciso, CA

BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA

I really enjoyed the artworks of Gregory Grenon at The Laura Russo Gallery, Daniel Phil at George Billis Gallery, Sean Keenan at Judi Rotenberg Gallery, and Pipo Nguyen-Duy at Sam Lee Gallery.

If you know the names of any of the unidentified gallery spaces, please let me know via email:

For additional information about this art fair visit their website:
Red Dot Fair.

The next Red Dot art fair will be in New York City, March 27th - 30th, 2008.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Art Now Miami Beach - 2007

Art Now Miami Beach, December 6th - 9th, 2007. This was their first year presenting during the big Art Basel Miami Beach week of art. The event was held in the Claremont Hotel on Collins Avenue. Several other hotel art fairs were within two blocks.

Opening night at Art Now Miami Beach

Hallway view in Claremont Hotel

Volakis Gallery, Yountville, CA

Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

798 Avant Gallery, New York, NY

Viveza Gallery, Seattle, WA

Viveza Gallery, Seattle, WA

Unidentified artist and gallery space at Art Now

Swenson Gallery, Miami, FL

Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Unidentified gallery space at Art Now

Unidentified gallery space at Art Now

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO

Unidentified gallery space at Art Now

Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle, WA

DM Contemporary, Mill Neck, NY

Unidentified gallery space at Art Now

Paradigm Art, New York, NY

Unidentified artist next to his work

Micaela Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Unidentified gallery space at Art Now

Kyle Kauffman Gallery, New York, NY

Galeria Petrus, San Juan, Puerto Rico
To view more art you looked through the top of each cone.

ABBA Fine Art, Miami, FL

Pierre Menard Gallery, Cambridge, MA

MOKA Gallery, Chicago, IL
Creative display using the hotel windows

MOKA Gallery, Chicago, IL

If you know the unidentified galleries or artists, please let us know.

For additional information on this art fair visit their website:
Art Now Miami Beach