Thursday, November 14, 2013

Affordable Art Fair
Second Edition In Seattle

As a visitor to the second edition of the Affordable Art Fair, I'd call it a success. It looked good and it was filled with wonderful, affordable and interesting works of art for sale. In addition, I saw lots artwork headed out the door, and more than a few happy art dealers. The fair organizers, say they'll be back in Seattle next November. Unfortunately, it's the only art fair for the Northwest art market.

The first Affordable Art Fair was in London in 1999, with a mission of making the process of buying artwork welcome and engaging. The Seattle fair continued the spirit of Will Ramsey the original founder of AAF. The galleries and art dealers at this fair were very approachable. New to the art scene this year, and a major sponsor is You'll here more about them, as the worlds largest online retailers becomes successful in selling art.

Artworks on display from
Foster White Gallery - Seattle

Artwork by Katie Metz
Abmeyer + Wood Fine Art - Seattle

Artwork by Gala Bent (left) and Thuy-Van Vu (top right)
G. Gibson Gallery - Seattle

Artwork by Tyson Grumm
Patricia Rovzar Gallery - Seattle

Artwork by Dante Brebner
Place Contemporary - Seattle

Artwork by Camomile Hixon (left), Matthew Carden (right)
Maison 24 - New York

Artwork by Ivan Ortiz (top left), Mario Angel (lower left),
Solomon Khammi (lower right)
Spence Gallery - Toronto

Artwork by Margaret Withers (bottom) and Jason Snyder (right)
C. Emerson Fine Art - St. Petersburg, FL


Seattle was well represented by twelve galleries, including Gallery IMA, Linda Hodges, ArtXchange Gallery, Wallspace, Blindfold and James Harris, plus the galleries pictured above. Next year, hopefully more Seattle galleries will be showing in the fair. Three other Washington state galleries participated. Fifteen galleries came from around the United States and twenty were International; Canada 4, England 5, South Korea 4, Australia 2, and one each from Brazil, Italy, Chile, France, Japan, and Spain.

Loved the artwork of Tyson Grumm, from Patricia Rovar Gallery. Also, Dante Brebner's miniscule worlds in wooden boxes, at Place Contemporary. And, Erik Hall's paintings at Hall Spassov Gallery, from Bellevue, Washington.

Affordable Art Fair Seattle website

For information on the upcoming Miami and Miami Beach Art Fairs

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