Friday, September 27, 2013

Art Maimi Exhibitors
Opens December 3-8, 2013

Art Miami, contemporary and modern art fair, Miami December 3-8. Last year more than 60,000 visited, and it’s one of Miami’s top art fairs. 2013 marks their 24th year in Miami, Florida.

Here’s a list of galleries that have been confirmed for 2013:

Abby M. Taylor Fine Art-New York; Aldo de Sousa Gallery-Buenos Aires; Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery-Mexico City; Allan Stone Gallery-New York; Antoine Helwaser Gallery-New York; Arcature Fine Art-Palm Beach; Archeus/Post-Modern-Bath; Armand Bartos Fine Art-New York; Art Nouveau-Miami; Arthur Roger Gallery-New Orleans; Ascaso Gallery-Miami; Birnam Wood Galleries-New York; Bolsa de Arte-Rio de Janeiro; Bonni Benrubi Gallery-New York; BlueLeaf Gallery-Dublin; Bridgette Mayer Gallery-Philadelphia; C. Grimaldis Gallery-Baltimore; Catherine Edelman Gallery-Chicago; Cernuda Arte-Coral Gables; Christopher Cutts Gallery-Toronto; Claire Oliver Gallery-New York; Connersmith-Washington, D.C.; Contessa Gallery | Cleveland; Cynthia Corbett Gallery-London; Cynthia-Reeves-New York; David Castillo Gallery-Miami; David Klein Gallery-Birmingham; David Lusk Gallery-Memphis; David Richard Gallery-Santa Fe; De Buck Gallery | New York; Dean Project-New York; DIE Galerie-Frankfurt; Dillon Gallery-New York; Douglas Dawson-Chicago; Durban Segnini Gallery-Miami; Durham Press-Durham; Eli Klein Fine Art-New York; Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris; Ethan Cohen Fine Arts-New York; FaMa Gallery-Verona; Flowers-London; Galerie Anita Beckers -Frankfurt; Galerie Ernst Hilger-Vienna; Galerie Forsblom-Helsinki; Galerie Kleindienst-Leipzig; Galerie Ludorff-Düsseldorf; Galerie Renate Bender-Munich; Galerie Terminus-Munich; Galerie Olivier Waltman-Paris; Galerie Pascal Lansberg-Paris; Galerie von Braunbehrens-Munich; Galerie von Vertes-Zürich; Galleri Andersson/Sandström-Stockholm; Galleria Fumagalli-Milan; Gallery Delaive -Amsterdam; gallery nine5-New York; Gerald Peters Gallery-New York; Goya Contemporary-Baltimore; Hackelbury Fine Art-London; Heller Gallery-New York; Hollis Taggart Galleries-New York; Jackson Fine Art-Atlanta; James Barron Art-South Kent; James Goodman Gallery-New York; J. Cacciola Galler- New York; Jenkins Johnson Gallery-New York; Jerald Melberg Gallery-Charlotte; Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art-Los Angeles; Juan Ruiz Gallery-Miami; Keszler Gallery-Southampton; KM Fine Arts-Chicago; Laurence Miller Gallery-New York; Lausberg Contemporary-Düsseldorf; Leon Tovar Gallery-New York; Leslie Sacks Contemporary-Santa Monica; Leslie Smith Gallery-Amsterdam; Lisa Sette Gallery-Scottsdale; Lyons Wier Gallery-New York; Magnan Metz Gallery-New York; Mark Borghi Fine Art Inc.-New York; Matteo Lampertico-Milan; Mayoral-Barcelona; McCormick Gallery-Chicago; Michael Goedhuis-London; Michael Schultz Gallery-Berlin; Mike Weiss Gallery-New York; Mindy Solomon Gallery-Miami; Mixografia-Los Angeles; Modernbook Gallery-San Francisco; Modernism Inc.-San Francisco; Nancy Hoffman Gallery-New York; Nicholas Metivier Gallery-Toronto; Nikola Rukaj Gallery-Toronto; Nohra Haime Gallery-New York; N.O.M.A.D. Gallery-Brussels; Now Contemporary-Miami; Osborne Samuel-London; Other Criteria-London; Pan American Art Projects-Miami; Paul Thiebaud Gallery-San Francisco; Peter Marcelle Gallery-Bridgehampton; Piece Unique-Paris; Praxis International Art-New York; Rosenbaum Contemporary-Boca Raton; Rudolf Budja Gallery LLC-Miami; Schantz Galleries-Stockbridge; Scott White Contemporary Art-La Jolla; Simon Capstick-Dale Fine Art-New York; Sims Reed Gallery-London; Sundaram Tagore Gallery-New York; Todd Merrill 20th Century + Studio Contemporary-New York; TORBANDENA-Trieste; TORCH-Amsterdam; Tresart-Coral Gables; Unix-Miami; Vincent Vallarino Fine Art-New York; Waterhouse & Dodd-London; Westwood Gallery-New York; Wetterling Gallery-Stockholm; William Shearburn Gallery-Saint Louis; Woolff Gallery-London; Yares Art Projects-Santa Fe; Zadok Gallery-Miami; Zolla/Lieberman Gallery Inc.-Chicago

Art Miami will kick off Art Week with its VIP Preview on Tuesday, Dec. 3. For more information, visit

2013 Miami and Miami Beach Art Guide is an online resource for art collectors and art enthusiasts. The site features gallery guides for every state and the major art cities, Art Fair listings, as well as other useful information.

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