Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fountain Miami 2011
A Fair for Young Artists

If you approached Fountain Fair at Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 and thought "oh brother, this looks like a hippie fair", you'd miss some VERY innovative and daring, cutting-edge artwork. The sloppy exterior does not convey the value of the treasures inside and you could say the styles of work offered were all over the map. These galleries and artists were showing some very successful experiments. The casualness of their presentation does make you feel like you can linger and really absorb every artistic endeavor. Here's a chance to buy exciting artwork you can afford and let the heavy-hitting art patrons buy the tried and true excellent artwork elsewhere.

Fountain Art Fair was founded in 2006 as an attempt to leverage support for smaller independent galleries to gain access to larger collectors and critics. Since its inception, Fountain has held six exhibitions in New York, one in Los Angeles, one in Chicago, and is now celebrating its sixth exhibition in Miami. From its roots deep within the independent Brooklyn art scene, Fountain has grown to represent over 25 international avant-garde galleries and projects, showcasing progressive primary-market works.

Entrance to Fountain Miami
Opening Night Party

First view inside the warehouse

A wonderful display by Evo Love
Stash Gallery from Miami

Fountain Miami

Fountain Miami

Lindsay Carron's creative use of display space
Artist Website

White Cocoa and her artwork Artist Website
Showing with The Marketplace Gallery in Albany, NY

The most relaxed and casual art fair in Miami
and not many chairs around

Lambert Fine Art from New York

Artists silk screening art on whatever you want
the Fountain logo and T-Shirts were popular

Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art from New York

Display at Fountain Miami

Artwork by SERVO

Display at Fountain Miami

Kesting/Ray from New York
Gallery Website

Solo(s) Project House from Newark, NJ

Semi-automatic Gun Vending Machine
(originally planned for exhibit at the PooL Art Fair)

Mighty Tanzka from Brooklyn, exhibited artwork by Miguel Ovalle and it was very impressive. Really loved the drawings of White Cocoa from The Marketplace Gallery, Albany, NY. Artists Ryan E. Cronin, Saul Aguiree, Evo Love and Karen Ann Jones were present and had artwork worth mentioning.

For additional information about Fountain Miami, visit their website. If you're an artist or interested in collecting artwork by young artists, this is a very enjoyable fair in the Wynwood Art District of Miami.

Fountain Miami - website
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