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Art Asia Miami 2011, An Eye-Opening Adventure

One approaches a contemporary Asian art exhibit, like Art Asia Miami 2011, wondering if the modern work shown will reflect stereotypical or traditional ‘Asian’ art references. Do the participating artists or galleries reflect a common aesthetic? Can one tell if these artists are Asian by looking at the artwork?
Not at all. In a few cases the subject matter in some paintings, two-dimensional constructions, sculpture or photographs does reflect ‘Eastern’ influence but generally has little in the way of identifying the work as anything but innovative, varied, individualistic with an emphasis on great ideas.

The term ‘contemporary art’ is a slippery fish. Typically it is defined as art produced at this present point in time or more formally as art produced since World War II. On view at Art Asia were modern works, postmodern -art emerging from the influence of media and actualized through installation and conceptual art, multimedia- and art responding to both high and popular culture, such as images influenced by reality television, popular music, escapist fiction, and images of the west. Some of these influences could be found in various artworks.

The comfortable atmosphere of Art Asia Miami

This amazing piece is composed of hundreds of thousands of beads

Art Asia Miami has positioned itself as the forum for international galleries, curators, artists, collectors, and educators to exchange ideas and enable new audiences to see fresh and exciting works from the complete Asian Diaspora. Trend exhibits were offered, films, parties and performances to attract not just art collectors but also art-lovers of all means, tourists and many others who wanted to see and be seen. This highly selective showcase of galleries from around the world broadens the understanding of Asian contemporary art and focuses each year on the best of established and emerging contemporary artists from throughout Asia. The twenty four participating galleries can be seen here: http://artasiafair.comindex.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=21

Newcomer galleries included AiBo Fine Asian Art of Rye, NY and Hanoi, Vietnam, Crimson Gate and Zadok Gallery of Miami, FEAST Projects and Hong Kong and Galerie Ora-Ora both from Hong Kong. Also new were KIMJAESUN Gallery of Busan, Korea, and Tally Beck Contemporary of New York and Bangkok.

Ethan Cohen of Ethan Cohen Fine Arts remarked, “Art Asia Miami 2011 was an extremely successful fair- well attended, well organized and brought successful results to clients, dealers and the general public. Art Asia brings a more diverse and powerful art experience to Miami each December. It is significant that in its 4th year, Art Asia Miami is getting stronger and stronger, which shows how important Asian art has become to the international contemporary art market.”

The work of "Invisible Man" Liu Bolin
represented by Eli Klein Fine Art, NY

“Art Asia exceeded our expectations and helped to broaden the continuously expanding global familiarity with artist Liu Bolin. With over forty-five Liu Bolin works sold, and approximately 10 museum inquiries, we left the fair extremely satisfied,” commented Eli Klein of Eli Klein Fine Art.

Especially fetching were works by Yang Yang. An accomplished painter and sculptor, his work is slightly reminiscent of Marc Chagall’s work both in style and color sensibility. Several of his paintings sold at the show. Yang Yang's work is widely collected by public and private collectors. His museum exhibitions include the Museum of Fine Art in Shannxi, China and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, one of the top ten comprehensive museums in the U.S. Yang Yang has exhibited in many fine galleries including Gallery 456 in New York and the gallery of the Chinese-American Arts Council. Lui Qu Wei, curator of the Museum of Fine Art in Shaanxi, describes Yang Yang’s work as combining the quality of the “Oriental mystics with tragic magnificence”.

"Apples of Paradise II" by Yang Yang

In its fourth year the Art Asia fair successfully concluded with strong sales and attendance of over 30,000 visitors. The central location in Wynwood, mid-town Miami, in a space shared by SCOPE, is clean and airy with a comfortable layout. Two fairs: one admission price. With impressive international newcomer galleries joining Art Asia, it was an exceptional showcase of art from diverse Asian regions including East Asia, South East Asia, India, and the Middle East.
Prepare for year five by attending Art Asia Miami from December 5 through the 9th, in 2012. Art Asia will continue to challenge pre-existing notions of Asian contemporary art today and you will be inspired, informed and excited to see their offerings.

Written by Lynn Di Nino

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